Strolling Magic

Intimate Moments of Astonishment Mere Inches Away!

When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, your event must offer something unique….amazing….and something truly special in order for it to stand out.


Anyone can go into a room, mingle and enjoy a DJ or band, some casual conversation and call it a night.  But why not go the extra mile and create something SO indifferent…so memorizing, that those guests will be talking about it for years to come?


This is EXACTLY the experience Robin Channing is prepared to give your event!


Paul’s engaging demeanor and charming personality is what allows him to seamlessly blend into groups of 5-10 people and amaze them within the first 30 seconds after his introduction.


The combination of a low-key approach with mind-boggling sleigh-of-hand and light-hearted humor is what has been attributed to Robin Channing’s repeat requests for his client’s events!


Whether it’s a private or corporate cocktail party, holiday party or perhaps a wedding reception, if there’s a reason for people to celebrate, mingle or network, Robin Channing is the perfect choice to create an atmosphere of fun and wonder.


Your guests will become immersed into HIS world of curiosities!


Keys and spoons will bend with an effortless touch…borrowed bills or finger rings will levitate in mid-air mere inches from your face or even watch a BORROWED iPhone become Robin Channing’s 'crystal ball’.

What Raving Fans Are Saying!

"Robin Channing was absolutely amazing! We had him as a strolling magician for an annual Gatsby Party. We already booked him for another event this year! Outstanding entertainer!!!"

- Danielle F.

"Robin Channing did a wonderful job interacting with our guests at our 25th wedding anniversary celebration!"

- Alexandra L.

"I hired Robin Channing for my husband’s 40th surprise party and he did a great job! He did drilling magic but every room he went to he had people following him to see what he was gonna do next. He definitely wowed my guests and amazed me and my husband. We even got bent forks and quarters as souvenirs lol ... people were talking about him way after he left the party. Overall everyone was well entertained and we all had a great time!"

- Dina A.

"We hired Robin Channing to help us out with providing some entertainment for our cocktail hour for our wedding and we don't regret it one single bit. He was professional, well dressed and fit right into the atmosphere. We were looking for someone who would blend right in to the environment without making a big splash, yet could captivate the audience in small groups of 5-10 people or so and that's EXACTLY what he did. His tricks/illusions had people scratching their heads trying to figure out how he did them, which was perfect and what we were looking for. I wouldn't hesitate a single second to hire Robin Channing again. Thank you for making our special day even more special!!!"

- Simar p.

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